If you’re not enrolled in one of our affiliated schools, but are interested in taking one of our classes you can register here. The Independent Student application fee ($50) is non-refundable. Tuition for the 2023-24 academic year will be $2000 per course, due prior to the beginning of each term. Tuition must be paid in full for students to receive access to the course on Canvas. Students may request a tuition scholarship of up to 50% of tuition at the time of application.

CCS does not participate in the Title IV federal education loan program. Students enrolled at other graduate theological institutions may consult with their home schools about whether it will be possible to use Title IV loans for CCS courses.

Independent Student Handbook

Fall 2023 Courses

Death, Dying, and the Dead

One of the most common experiences for a spiritual care provider is being called upon at the time of death. Situations of death and dying call for a chaplain to employ a cross-section of ministerial roles and functions: caregiver to the dying and to the grieving, liturgist and musical consultant for funerals and memorial services, ethical consultant for families and physicians in healthcare settings, and occasional liaison to funeral care providers. The course includes an introduction to common funerary practices, including the growing interest in natural burial and “home funeral” practices, and will introduce students to multi-religious perspectives on death and dying.

Instructor: Rev. Dr. Cody J. Sanders

Chaplaincy with First Responders

This course introduces students to concepts and practices for providing community first responders (police, firefighters, paramedics, emergency medical teams, and other paid or voluntary staff) who provide critical services to persons in crisis or experiencing a traumatic event and/or natural disaster.

Instructor: Bishop Teresa Jefferson Snorton, D.Min.